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I cannot use the trial version.

2020/06/08 (Mon)
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The trial version can be used for 42 days after Cubism Editor is started and use of the trial license is started. Even if you switch to the PRO version license during the trial period, you cannot stop the trial period because the period continues for a fixed time. Once you start using the trial version, the trial license will then expire after 42 days.

The conditions for use of the trial version are as shown below.

• The trial license must not have been used before.
• The trial license can be used only once on one PC.
Note: Formatting the HDD or reinstalling the OS will not restore the trial license.
Why does it show that the trial license has expired?

1. It expired normally after 42 days. (Normal operation)

2. The PC time was changed significantly to the past.
(The trial license is a time-limited license, so a license error will occur if the PC time is changed.)

3. You are using a secondhand PC or a shared PC, and a trial license was used on that PC in the past without your knowledge.

I cannot use the trial version even though the conditions are met.

In some environments, there was a problem that prevented use of the trial version even though the conditions for use of the trial license were met. This problem was corrected in Cubism Editor 4.0.04, which was officially released on July 30, 2020.
If you experience this problem, please update to Cubism Editor 4.0.04 or a later version before starting the trial.

Click here to download Cubism Editor 4.0.04 and later versions.


If the problem is still not resolved, please check the following and contact us using the contact form.

(1) What is the model name and OS version?
(Example) Model name: MacBook Air (Retina, 13-inch, 2020)
(Example) OS version: macOS Catalina (10.15.5)
Attach the following file.
(2) Submit log.txt.
Please refer here for the operation procedure.
How can I check log.txt?
(3) Submit the Live2D folder.
Attach the folder stored in the following location.
[For Windows]
[For Mac]
/Library/Application Support/Live2D/

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