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I received “Payment Error” email (Credit Card)

2021/06/29 (Tue)
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The email with the subject “Payment error: Notification of automatic renewal billing processing” is to notify you that payment could not be processed due to an error with your registered payment method. If the payment is not made after the renewal date, we will send another email with the subject “Live2D Subscription Expiration Notification.” to inform you of the termination of your subscription. If you wish to renew it, please complete the payment immediately.
* Your subscription can be renewed if payment is confirmed within 14 days after the “Live2D Subscription Expiration Notification.” email is sent.

Log in to Live2D Store/EN
Please log in to Live2D Store/EN.

▼ Live2D Store/EN

Update your credit card information
After logging in to your Live2D Store/EN account, click “Membership Information” in the upper right and click “Credit card update” tab.
Enter valid credit card information and click the “Update” button.

Request a Resume Payment from Purchase History
After logging into your Store/EN account, click “Membership Information” in the upper right and click “Purchase History” tab.
Find the subscription in which the payment error has occurred and click the “Resume Payment” button.

Click the “Resume Payment” button to pop up a dialog.
Click the orange button ONLY if the payment issue is resolved.

Resume Payment completed
The request for Resume Payment has been completed.
When Resume Payment is completed, you will receive a notification email with the subject “Announcement of automatic continuing charging process” from Live2D Store/EN from the next business day. If a payment error occurs again, you will receive another notification email with the subject “Payment Error: Announcement of automatic continuing charging process”.
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