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I want to deactivate a license.

2019/05/08 (Wed)
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To deactivate a license, click [Help Menu] → [Deactivate License].

If there is a file currently being edited, the [Confirm] dialog box will open.
Click [Yes] to open the [Save] screen and save the file which is being edited.
Click [No] to proceed with the license deactivation without saving the file.

When the [License Deactivation] dialog box opens, check the displayed precautions and click [OK] if there are no problems.

The license will be deactivated.
Click [OK] to exit Cubism Editor.

Next, you will need to register the license on the new PC.

To register a license, click [Help Menu] → [Register Purchased License].

Enter the license key and click [License Activation].

Transferring your license to a new computer
First deactivate the license key on the old PC, and then register the license key on the new PC.
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