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What is the range of sales covered by Cubism PRO for business?

2020/05/15 (Fri)
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The “for business” license is purchased and used by companies with sales of 10 million yen or more in the most recent fiscal year (the previous fiscal year (if there is no fiscal year, the past calendar year)) or an employee of such a company when Cubism PRO is used as part of the company’s business.

However even when the enterprise had sales of less than 10 million yen in the most recent fiscal year, “for business” is required when the enterprise is materially operated by a company with sales of 10 million yen or more in the most recent fiscal year. (For example, if large company A establishes a subsidiary called B, the company B is a new company and its sales are 0 yen. However in reality, when it operates as a division owned by company A, then it is not considered a Small-Scale Enterprise. (It cannot use the “for indie” license.) Moreover, the range of sales applies to the entire company, not just the business which uses Live2D. The license (indie or business) that can be used depends on the amount of sales in the entire company.

For sole proprietors
Sole proprietors are required to purchase ‘for business’ if their recent sales revenue is 10 million yen or more. Once the recent sales revenue reaches 10 million yen or more while using PRO for indie license, it is necessary to switch to PRO for business. For more details, click here.
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