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[-132 Error] License is not activated even when the license key is entered.

2019/05/08 (Wed)
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The most likely cause is an inability to access our company’s license server when activating the Cubism Editor license.
Possible reasons include the following.

Your PC is communicating with the network via a proxy server (such as a network management server in a company or school).

In this case, it is necessary to change the proxy settings (unblocking or other change) in the license activation dialog box.
The URL for license activation is (It is not
In addition to the Internet option proxy settings, the settings described in the following .bat file are also required.
Note: Varies depending on the version.
<Cubism 4.0>
C:\Program Files\Live2D Cubism 4.0\ProxyConfig.bat
<Cubism 3.3>
C:\Program Files\Live2D Cubism 3.3\ProxyConfig.bat

Your PC security software is blocking the communication.

In this case, try turning off the security software only during license activation.

Another possible reason why activation fails is that the Editor is not up-to-date.
If activation does not succeed in the current network environment, it may be possible by temporarily changing to a different method of communication.

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