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[-132 Error] License is not activated even when the license key is entered.

2019/05/08 (Wed)
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The most likely cause is an inability to access our license server when activating the Cubism Editor license.
Possible reasons are the followings.

Your PC is communicating with the network via a proxy server (such as a network management server in a company or school).

In this case, it is necessary to edit the proxy settings of your OS and/or network (to unblock access to our license activation server) .
The URL for our license activation is
(It is NOT

In addition to the Internet option proxy settings, the following setting is required:

for Windows
Edit the .bat file in the following location (depending on your Cubism version) to unblock the access:
< Cubism 4.0 >
C:\Program Files\Live2D Cubism 4.0\ProxyConfig.bat
< Cubism 3.3 >
C:\Program Files\Live2D Cubism 3.3\ProxyConfig.bat
< Cubism 2.1 >
C:\Program Files\Live2D Cubism 2.1\ProxyConfig.bat

Please open the .bat file with a text editing application, append and edit the proxy settings.
* Make sure to include the configuration information that matches your communication environment after HTTP_PROXY= and HTTP_PROXY_CREDENTIALS=.
The following is an example:

set HTTP_PROXY=myproxyhost:8765
If your proxy requires a password, add the following
set HTTP_PROXY_CREDENTIALS=username:password
for macOS
  1. [1]. Download the zip file from the link below and unzip it.
  2. [2]. Open the file ” com.live2d.proxy.plist ” in the extracted folder with a text editor, add the proxy settings, and save the file.
    Recording Method:
    *Please enclose HTTP_PROXY and HTTP_PROXY_CREDENTIALS with <string> and </string>, and between them on the next line, enter the proxy configuration information enclosed with <string> and </string>.
    *Make sure to customize the configuration information according to the proxy settings in your communication environment for the lines following HTTP_PROXY or HTTP_PROXY_CREDENTIALS.
    *The content provided below is for illustration purposes only.

    If password authentication is set for the proxy, the following additional steps are required:
  3. [3]. Place the “com.live2d.proxy.plist” file containing the proxy configuration items in the following location.
    [User Home Folder]/Library/LaunchAgents/
    *User Home Folder(~/) is generally /Users/[Login Name]/.
    Please visit Official Apple Support for the details.
    *If you do not see the Library folder in the Finder, open the Home folder by selecting “Go” > “Home”, select “View” > “Show View Options”, and then select the “Show ‘Library’ folder” check box.
    *To apply to all users registered in the OS, place it in /Library/LaunchAgents/.
  4. [4]. After restarting the PC, start Cubism Editor and try activation.

Your PC security software is blocking the communication.

In this case, try turning off the security software only during license activation.

Another possible reason why activation fails is that the Editor is not up-to-date.
If activation does not succeed in the current network environment, it may be possible by temporarily changing to a different method of communication.

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