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Cubism 4 SDK

Some Cubism SDKs and third party products have problems with physics inversion.

2020/11/06 (Fri)
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Be aware that some versions of Cubism SDKs contain a bug related to the physics inversion function.

Bug details

When a model contains both forward and reverse rotation in the physics input/output settings is incorporated in the following subject products, the physics inversion calculation is not applied and all input/output settings are played back as forward rotation.

Subject product versions

• Cubism 4 SDK for Web R1 and earlier versions
• Cubism 4 SDK for Native R1 and earlier versions

Please note that similar issues will occur with third party products which use the above.
The R2 versions that fix this bug will be released one at a time.

Workaround and fix

You can fix this problem by making one of the following corrections.

• Workaround in Cubism Editor
You can avoid this problem by creating a model that contains physics with only forward or reverse rotation settings.

• How to fix with Cubism SDK (for Native, for Web)
Note: Cubism SDK for Unity does not have this problem.

Please modify the source code directly with the same content as the fix commit published on the Live2D GitHub.

Cubism SDK for Native fix commit
Cubism SDK for Web fix commit

The file to be modified is the following.


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