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Cubism Editor・Viewer does not start or work properly(Mac)

2022/06/20 (Mon)
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If Cubism Editor・Viewer does not start or work properly, please follow the below steps.

For Windows, please check this page instead.
Cubism Editor・Viewer does not start or work properly(Windows)

Check the basic environment.

Does it meet the system requirements?

Visit the product page to see if all system requirements are met.
If any of these are missing, Cubism Editor may not work properly.
System Requirements – Live2D Cubism Product page

Is Cubism Editor version up-to-date?

Visit the Update History page and check if your installed Cubism Editor is the latest version.
If not, please update it.
Update History – Live2D Cubism Editor manual

Verify settings are appropriate.

Is Cubism Editor installed on the proper location?

Please check if Cubism Editor is installed properly on the below location.
【For release version】/Applications/Live2D Cubism X.X
【For beta version】/Applications/Live2D Cubism X.X beta
※Replace X.X with the name of the version you are using.

Check macOS user account

Accounts without administrative privileges may not be able to operate Cubism Editor properly as some functions may be restricted.
Make sure you are logged into macOS as an administrator.

Is Mac account username proper?

If there are any spaces or specific symbols in macOS account username, Cubism Editor does not start properly.
Please make sure your login account is proper.

Is Full Keyboard Access turned off?

If the accessibility feature ‘Full Keyboard Access’ is turned on, Cubism Editor may not function correctly.
Please make sure if it is set to off.

Check graphics settings.

Check graphics performance settings

Cubism Editor does not support operation in an onboard graphics (internal graphics processor) environment.
Even if you have a graphics board, Cubism Editor may not work properly if onboard graphics is used due to preferences. Please check your graphics performance settings.
Set graphics performance on MacBook Pro – Apple Support

※The setting method may differ depending on your environment.
For details, please contact the distributor of your OS or devices.

Is Graphics Driver version up-to-date?

Please update Graphics Driver if it is not up-to-date.

Check configuration files.

Delete Configuration Files

Deleting Cubism Editor configuration file may solve the problem.
Please follow the below steps.

  1. 1.Open the file below. This “Live2D” file stores the various setting information.
  2. 2.Copy and Paste this “Live2D” folder into an easily accessible location, such as the desktop, to save a backup.
    In the case problem occurs after deleting the file or contact us for further assistance, this backup file is required to investigate.
  3. 3.Delete entire “Live2D” folder in the location opened in step 1.
  4. 4.Check if Cubism Editor starts properly.
Contact Support

If there is no improvement after checking all of Steps 1~4, there may be some problems.
Please report this from the official Live2D Creators Forum with details of your device information.
We might ask you to submit log.txt. to check further, please be prepared.
Live2D Creators Forum
How can I check log.txt? – Live2D Help

If log.txt cannot be extracted

If the log file does not exist and cannot be extracted, use the following procedure to obtain fault information from the terminal.

  1. 1.Finder → Applications → open Utility folder to start Terminal.
  2. 2.Copy and Paste the following strip into the terminal and press Enter.
    【For release version】cd /Applications/Live2D\ Cubism\ X.X/Live2D\ Cubism\ Editor\
    【For beta version】cd /Applications/Live2D\ Cubism\ X.X\ beta/Live2D\ Cubism\ Editor\ X.X\
  3. 3.Copy and Paste the following strip into the terminal and press Enter.
  4. 4.A string is output to the terminal and the Cubism Editor is automatically launched.
  5. 5.Copy and Paste all strings output to the terminal and save as a text file.
    Use the shortcut keys or Select All from the menu → and Copy
  6. 6.Paste it into Notepad or other applications and save it as a text file.

※Replace X.X with the name of the version you are using.
※For Viewer, replace Editor with Viewer.

“OpenGL initialization failed. Please make sure that your computer meets the system requirements.” appears and activation fails. 

The following are possible causes. Follow the directions in Step 3 on this page to verify your environment and settings.

  • ・Graphics environment of your device does not meet Cubism Editor system requirements
  • ・Onboard graphics are used instead of graphics board due to graphics processor settings
  • ・Graphics driver version is not up-to-date
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