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PRO version license key

I have multiple licenses. Can I cancel only one?

2019/04/25 (Thu)
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Yes you can.

If you wish to cancel your Subscription, you must complete the “Cancel renewal” procedure before the next renewal date (based on Japan Standard Time ((GMT+9)).
The procedure is as follows.

Step 1
Log into the store.
Step 2
Click [Member Information].
Click [Member Information] in the menu.
Step 3
Click [Purchase History].
Click the [Purchase History] button below the member information.
Step 4
Click [Cancel renewal].
Select the Subscription you want to cancel and click [Cancel renewal].
Once “Cancel renewal” is set, the Subscription will be canceled on the next renewal date (based on Japan Standard Time ((GMT+9)). However the Subscription remains valid until then.

• Be aware that once you set “Cancel renewal,” the Subscription cannot be restored.

• Even after setting “Cancel renewal,” you must continue to pay the contract fee until the next contract renewal date.

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