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Permission for SDK use and publication

What is the SDK Release License (Publication License Agreement)? In what cases do I need a contract?

2019/06/21 (Fri)
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A contract is required in order to publish content using a Live2D Cubism SDK.
The plan is determined by the revenue model of your content (individual titles to be released). Please check the official website for details.

No contract is required in the following cases.
• When publishing content that does not use an SDK, such as videos exported from Live2D Cubism Editor
• Use of Live2D Cubism SDK during the SDK trial and development stage*1
• Content published by Small-Scale Enterprises and General Users with annual sales of less than 10 million*1*2

*1: At the time of SDK download, consent to the Live2D Proprietary Software License Agreement and Live2D Open Software License Agreement is required.
*2: The SDK Release License (Publication License Agreement) does not apply to works that include Expandable Applications such as avatar systems.
A separate contract is also required for each work, regardless of whether the user is a General User, Small-Scale Enterprise, or Large Entity.
Please check the official website for details.

SDK Release License (Publication License Agreement) and Expandable Applications

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