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Is Cubism PRO for indie the right version for outsourcing from large companies?

2020/06/04 (Thu)
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Live2D Cubism PRO for indie is available to customers who are General Users or Small-Scale Enterprises (Note: annual sales for the most recent year less than 10 million yen) regardless of whether it is used for commercial or non-commercial purposes. There is no prohibition on the customer accepting contract for production of works from a third party (small-scale or larger enterprise).

However this software and its functions themselves cannot be provided to a third party as the material principal value of a service, for example by providing output functions which can be used only by a license holder as a service to a third party.

In addition, if the contracting customer is a business operator run by a company with sales of 10 million yen or more in the most recent year (e.g. a subsidiary of a large company; for details, see the Software License Agreement), a “for business” license is required.

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