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Purchasing/contracts at the Store

I want a quotation (price preview).

2019/05/08 (Wed)
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If you are considering purchasing at the Live2D Store, you can output a quotation (price preview).

Step 1
Select a product.

Access the Live2D Store.

Live2D Store

Select the item you want to purchase and click the [Buy / Assign User] button.
After clicking, a pop-up window will be displayed. Register the email address of the person using the license.

Step 2
Confirm the item you want to purchase.
Make sure that the item you want to purchase (create a quotation for) is in your cart.
Step 3
Log in or register.
To log in, log in from “If you already have an account please login to continue.”
To register as a new member, enter the necessary information in “Register new member here” at the bottom, and click the [Go to next as you enroll] button.
Step 4
Confirm the payment method and accept the terms of service.
Select the payment method.
Depending on the product, some payment methods may not be available.

Read the terms of service carefully. If you agree, check “I accept the terms of service” and click the [Next] button.
Step 5
Check the contents and output a PDF.
The information you have entered is displayed. At this point, you can output a quotation and download a PDF. If you will be using a coupon, be sure to enter the coupon code. Note: Please note that coupons cannot be applied after a purchase.

The order will not be confirmed unless you click the [Check out with above.] button. Please be careful when you actually place your order.

When you want a quotation for the renewal
If you wish for a quotation with the next payment amount for the renewal, please send us the below information via the contact form.
It may take up to 2-3 business days for publishing.

・Company name(if you registered as Enterprise):
・Contractor name:
・Order number:
・Registered email address:
・Date of quotation(if you have a request):

When you only want a quotation without ordering
You must follow the above procedure. You will be asked to enter credit card information in Step 4, however please do not worry because payment does not occur at that time. Output is possible when you click the [Create Quote] button without pressing the [Check out with above.] button in Step 5.
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