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Is there an academic license? (Student discount system)

2019/05/08 (Wed)
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The Live2D Student Discount Program was started in 2020 for students and teachers.
Students and teachers can use this program to purchase a 3-year license at 76% off the regular price.

The Live2D Student Discount Program is available from the following Live2D Store sites.
• Japan:
• English:
• China:

Applicable product: Live2D Cubism PRO for indie 3-Year Plan
Students and faculty who meet the requirements in the Student Discount Program Terms and Conditions are eligible. * The features are exactly the same as the regular version and it can be used at a discount price for 3 years.
* Only available for the Live2D Cubism PRO for indie 3-Year Plan. (This plan does not automatically renew.)

How to apply for the Student Discount

Step 1
Application for Student Discount
Enter the required information in the application form.
For educational institutions in Japan, your student ID is required. Take a picture of your student ID and save it as a jpg or pdf file in advance.

Click here to apply for the Live2D Student Discount Program.
Step 2
Authentication using a school email address
A coupon will be issued to you the same day. Check the email contents.
The email will contain the coupon code.
If you do not receive the email, please contact us using the contact form.
Step 2
Students in Japan only: Authentication using a student ID
We will confirm your eligibility based on the information in the submitted student ID.
Please wait patiently as the examination requires 3 – 5 days.
We will notify you of the examination results by email.
Step 3
Using the coupon and purchasing a license

Visit the Live2D Store, select the Live2D Cubism PRO for indie 3-Year Plan, and proceed to the purchase process.

Live2D Store

Be sure to apply the coupon code that you were issued at this time.

Enter the coupon code and click the [Use a coupon] button.

After checking that the coupon was applied, click the [Check out with above.] button.

For details, see the “I want to use a coupon.” FAQ.

Once the license is issued, you can use it immediately.

To all educational institutions
An Educational Institution Support Program that provides a free PRO license to members of educational institutions is available. See here for details.
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