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What do I do if there was a credit card payment error?

2019/06/24 (Mon)
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If a credit card payment error occurred, you will receive an email with the subject line “Credit Card Error: Announcement of automatic continuing charging process.” If this occurs, please correct the problem within 7 business days.

Credit card update procedure

• Confirm that your credit card is valid.
Log into the Live2D store, then select [Member Information] → [Click here to change credit card >] → [Update].
Note: The above update procedure is necessary even when you are using a previously registered credit card.

If you do not correct the problem within 7 business days
If the payment error is not resolved within 7 business days from the date when the email was sent and payment has not been completed within 14 days following the payment error, the Subscription Agreement will be cancelled. However if this occurs before the end of an Annual Plan monthly payment subscription period, you will not be exempted from paying the remaining payments owed to Live2D for the contract period.
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